27/28/29 NOVEMBER 2017


Event overview

On the 27/28 and 29 th of November, a Kick Off event for the partners of the Interreg CobBauge took place. All those that attended the event, of which there were 45, had a very informative and educational three days.

The aim of the event is to bring together the stakeholders, stakeholders and other interested parties that could benefit from inclusion in the projects and subsequent successes through the Interreg funding.

The event had several objectives, including:

  • Relationship building
  • Creating a network of like-minded individuals who have a long-term interest in the CobBauge project and cob building for the future
  • Generate commitment and enthusiasm for the project and provide an opportunity to share experiences and expertise.


There was a student event on the Tuesday, followed by an evening event, attended by industry, cob builders, heritage organizations and academics from the Architecture community.

The event featured very informative presentations from the Partners:

  • Professor Steve Goodhew – Plymouth University (UoP),
  • Rowland Keable – Earth Building UK & Ireland (EBUKI),
  • François Streiff – Cotentin and Bessin Marsh Regional Nature Park (PnrMCB), and
  • Malo Le Guern – Higher School of Construction Engineers of Caen (ESITC Caen).


On Wednesday morning, traveled to Dartington and Ottery St Mary to visit two very special cob houses. We would like to extend to Kevin McCabe at Dingle Dell and Paul Barclay at Dartington Cob House who provided the information. This provided the French partners with the experience of building from an English viewpoint.

Dartington Cob House Dingle Dell, Ottery St Mary



Committee meetings

Committee meetings took place to discuss both the progress of the project and the work of the Partners on Monday and Tuesday 27/28 November.











Download the presentations

01-Introduction of the CobBauge project – Prof. Steve Goodhew, Plymouth University

02-Location of Cob Buildings in France – François Streiff, Cotentin and Bessin Marsh Regional Nature Park (PnrMCB)

03-Introduction to EBUKI – Rowland Keable, Earth Building UK & Ireland (EBUKI)

04-Cob Mixes – Malo Guern, School of Engineers of the Construction Works of Caen (ESITC Caen)