the lead partner

Plymouth University

The School of Architecture Design and Environment at Plymouth University has been researching the use of Cob in the South West of England since 1992. The School has a research group that focuses on the performance of buildings. PhDs and has the facilities to investigate the structural, thermal and moisture related phenomena in laboratory materials and laboratory buildings. In the recent UK REF research assessment 59% of the school’s research is classified as world class. Through the CORDIAL and ECOBEE INTERREG IV to FCE projects the Plymouth team has worked on the thermal performance of historic buildings (CORDIALE) and Eco-Construction in the France (Channel) / England area (ECOBEE).

Professor Steve Goodhew – PI Project

Karen Hood-Cree – Project Manager

Dr. Jim Carfrae – Researcher


Dr. Matthew Fox – Researcher

Kevin Owen – Senior Technician

the project partners

BUILDERS School of Civil Engineering

The research laboratory of BUILDERS School of Civil Engineering develops partnership research with industrials and research laboratories in the field of sustainable construction and the eco-materials. Through their research thematics (Materials for Sustainable Building, Environmental Geotechnics, Energy and Environment, and Maritime Infrastructure), the research team supports industrial and local authorities to solve their technical issues in building materials (mechanical, geotechnical and microstructural), design of concrete cementitious materials, geotechnical engineering, environmental impact assessment (LCA). A PhD thesis on earth-fiber construction materials is currently ongoing to develop sustainable cob materials with optimized mechanical, thermal and acoustic performance and to adjust the practical application on site.  Within the scope of CobBauge, BUILDERS School of Civil Engineering will develop and optimize cob structural materials with structural and thermal analyzes.

Professor Mohamed Boutouil

Malo Le Guern – Lecturer/Researcher

Nassim Sebaibi – Lecturer/Researcher

Aurélie Gerault – R&D Engineer

Mathieu Lepage – Finance

Karim Touati – Lecturer/Researcher

Parc naturel régional des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin (PnrMCB)

The Regional Nature Park of the Marshes of Cotentin and Bessin (PnrMCB) has been established in 1991 and has been established in the area of ​​conservation and development. and financial support for the renovation and new earthen buildings. In the same time, the PnrMCB is involved in training on earth building and particularly for building societies, architects, in the training for adults of the National Education and Public Awareness. Member of the National Association of Earth Builders (Asterre), it has also acted as an “expert” in the PIRATE European program. Within the scope of CobBauge, the PnrMCB will bring its technical expertise in the development of new cob materials and building processes.

Francois Streiff – Architect

Raphael Rattier – DE Architect and Doctoral Teacher in Architecture

Earth Building UK and Ireland (EBUKI)

Earth Building UK and Ireland is a charity membership organization for people and organizations interested in earth building and a group of volunteer project officers. It brings together builders, academics, researchers, architects, engineers, manufacturers to work in local and national levels. The organization has several objectives: i- conservation of vernacular earth buildings; research and development in earth materials; iii-fostering the skills base, extending skills and knowledge and the development of new techniques; iv- creating networks to represent earth building interests both locally and internationally;v- promotion of earth building in contemporary construction by the development of new innovative products and techniques and appropriate standards.

Tom Morton –  Architect

Rowland Keable – CEO and Project Officer

Becky Little – Builder / Artist / Educator

Caen Normandy University – LUSAC Laboratory

The LUSAC laboratory is a research unit of the Caen Normandy University. CEA, AREVA, TEMEX, DCNS, EDF, ACOM, Wibe, Orange, GEA-BTT, LEMASSON. The laboratory is structured into three research groups, one of which focuses on energy efficiency and heat transfer and its industrial application. The LUSAC has a good level of scientific production and cooperation. It also has a good overview on heat and mass transfer and on the microscale phase change. Within the scope of CobBauge, the LUSAC will bring its expertise in thermal management and analysis of thermal properties of building materials, ;

Professor Hasna Loahlia

Ahmad Alamir SBAITY – PhD student

Hudson Architects (HA)

Hudson Architects is an architectural company with responsibility for design and co-ordination of a wide range of building types, including; private homes, affordable housing, conservation projects, hotels, schools and retail. Hudson Architects provides services from concept and feasibility, through to full detailed design co-ordination and contract administration during the construction period. Established in 2002, the company of 28 people is led by Anthony Hudson – a nationally prominent figure in innovative design. The practice will take a leading role in the delivery of a pilot site for the project.Located in Norfolk, the pilot will be a domestic scale property, and Hudson Architects will leverage this action with their communication and dissemination activities within the project. Hudson Architects will also co-ordinate the preparation of standard construction details. Hudson Architects has an expansive network of industry contacts, which will be leveraged into two key areas.

Anthony Hudson – Founder and Creative Director of Hudson Architects

Sarah Tunnicliffe – Finance Manager

Tom Booen – Architectural Assistant