‘Sustainable Earth 2021’ presentation by Steve Goodhew

Steve Goodhew will be presenting on CobBauge at Sustainable Earth 2021.

Earth-Plant Mixtures: the time of recognition

The 100% independant newspaper La Maison Ecologique wrote about us in its edition n°123.

CobBauge featured in the INTERREG F(M)A June newsletter

We are pleased to announce that CobBauge is featured in the June newsletter.

CobBauge participation to Plymouth University Research Festival 2021

Subscribe to Plymouth University Research Festival 2021 on July, 1st.

New photos available from the CobBauge promotion video

The final video is coming! (very soon)

Saving the earth

The use of rammed earth in British architecture is on the rise. How can this ancient technique be used in modern building projects?

New CobBauge video

A new CobBauge video was produced by Nikolay Nikolov and is published by Mashable.

New scientific publication

We are pleased to announce a new publication, ‘Improving the thermal performance of earthen walls to satisfy current building regulations’  available at Elsevier Science.

Course for tomorrow’s builders

Raphaël Rattier teaches the CobBauge builders of tomorrow at the Paul Gernez school as part of ‘Villes Creative 2021’ organized by Territoires Pionniers I Maison de l’architecture-Normandie.

All the best for the year 2021!

Passion, innovation and sharing are the ingredients for a year 2021 placed under excellence.The whole team thanks you for your confidence.