Research Festival 2020 University of Plymouth

This event was well attended, please find the presentations below click on the following link – Natural Buildings of the Future .

Agenda for the Kick-off event – 3rd September 2019

Final Agenda – CobBauge, London

Sustainable Earth Building – CobBauge Kick-off event

The CobBauge project takes an ancient vernacular natural building material and brings it into the 21st Century.

Discover how we build and the details of the two pilot homes. This event will take you to the next 4 years going into the future. It would be designed for local, regional and national authorities, surveyors, architects, self-builders, local planning authorities and small building companies.

CobBauge Phase 2 Kick-off

We would like to invite you to an exciting event for CobBauge which will be taking place in London at The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in Parliament Square. Please register early for this event as we are only able to offer places to 80 attendees. We look forward to hearing from you

CobBauge Event 3rd July

You are all welcome to come to our event at the University of Plymouth on the 3rd July, please RSVP to:  

RegioStars Awards

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the RegioStars Awards, Europe’s awards for the most innovative, regional projects. Please help us to be one of the 5 finalists and vote for our project.The deadline is the 9th July and we are in ‘Category 2 – Connecting green, blue and grey

Researchers re-engineer cob into sustainable new building material CobBauge – ‘dezeen’

Researchers re-engineer cob into sustainable new building material CobBauge  

CobBauge1 Final Event

Phase 1 of the CobBauge project.With a huge attendance of individuals from all areas of interest.The partners presented on the findings of the last years worth of research ..

Dartington Cob House, UK – U-Value Analysis

Returning to one of the modern cob buildings we visited during the project launch, the Dartington Cob House, we are now monitoring in-situ U-values at three different ‘lift’ levels. Monitoring will take place for three weeks before U-value analysis.