CobBauge1 Final Event

Phase 1 of the CobBauge project.


With a huge attendance of individuals from all areas of interest.The partners presented on the findings of the last years worth of research ..


The final event at Plymouth for Phase 1 of the CobBauge is enhanced by the CobBauge optimized mixes provoked vigorous discussion.

Attended networking at the final event.

The scale wall arrives in situ at the Roland Levinsky Building for the final event. The University of Plymouth (Steve Goodhew, Jim Carfrae, Karen Hood-Cree and Kevin Owen)

Group of the CobBauge Partners (left to right): Florian Le Page (ESITC), Matthew Fox University of Plymouth), Nassim Sebaibi (ESITC), Karen Hood-Cree (University of Plymouth), Steve Goodhew (University of Plymouth), Malo Guern (ESITC), Jim Carfrae (University of Plymouth), Kevin Owen (University of Plymouth), Becky Little (EBUKI), Rowland Keable (EBUKI), Hasna Louahlia (University of Caen), and Zeghari Kaoutar (University of Caen).

Chris Bennewith, Head of School (Plymouth University). The event kicks off with presentations from all the partners, describing the final results of phase 1 of the CobBauge project

Professor Steve Goodhew (PI for CobBauge) summarizes the project

CobBauge Speakers – Left to Right: Rowland Keable, Malo Guern, Jim Carfrae, Chris Bennewith, Steve Goodhew, Francois Streiff

All presentations can be found on the website


Jim Carfrae presenting Plymouth University and ESITC at Plymouth University

Jim Carfrae discusses the thermal results with the expectations. The results of the testing of the insulating mixes caused a stir, as the first time we could demonstrate that a wall could be built that would pass the UK and French thermal regulations.

Attended to interact with the clay underwear in CobBauge. After the presentations, the participants were invited to the gallery, where refreshments were offered. They could also investigate the process of CobBauge project through interactive displays, such as the thermal imaging cameras, below.

The conductivity of different mixtures is demonstrated using thermal imaging.

The scale wall initiated a great deal of discussion between the partners and expected to the final event.



Some of the CobBauge Partners, Francois Streiff, Little Becky, Rowland Keable and Steve Goodhew